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Getting Started With Examplify

Go to  This is the ExamSoft page for CWSL. 

Log in using your ExamSoft ID and password.  This is not the same as your CWSL network username and password.  Your ExamSoft student ID is the same as your CWSL Student ID number.  The original password was sent to you via email and is one of those computer generated impossible-to-remember passwords.  Once you have logged in, you will have a chance to change your password.

In case you have trouble finding the email that has your Student ID and password, there is a shortcut you can use to change your password. Click on the link that says "Lost Student ID or Password?" Enter your Student ID number or email address. The system will send an email to your CWSL email account with a link that will allow you to reset your password.  You can reset your ExamSoft password, then log in normally.

Lost ID or Password?


Once you log in, you see one of two screens.  If you see this screen, then it means you have not paid your fee to use Examplify for this year.

Payment Prompt

Paying For Examplify

ExamSoft does their licensing a little differently than most software makers. The cost is $42.10 for one academic year. This license will cover you from the first of September, to the end of August of the following year, regardless of when you purchase the license.

For example, if you purchase your Examplify license in October of 2020, your license is good until August of 2021. If you purchase your Examplify license in July of 2021, your license is good until August of 2021, and you will need to purchase a new license for exams in the fall of 2021.

You can install the software on more than one computer. So if you get halfway through the year, and you buy a new computer, your Examplify license will allow you to install Examplify on the new computer without paying an additional charge.

The Examplify license you purchase here is only good for exams at CWSL. If you use Examplify for exams at another school, or for the Bar exam, you will have to pay for an additional license for those exams.

 Download and Install Examplify

Once you are logged in, check the left side of the screen and find the section titled "Install & Register Examplify"

 Click the Download button, and follow the directions to download and install the software.

(I don't have step-by-step instructions for this, because it varies depending on which browser you have).

If you have a Mac with the new M1 processor, you will need the instructions at this page.

Click 'Download' button to download Examplify

Installing Visual C

On a Windows computer, you may get a pop up window that looks like this:

If you get this, it just means that you need to install this module.  Your computer may need to reboot after the installation.  So save all your stuff, then click on Install, and let the program install.

Install Visual C

Running Examplify For The First Time

When you run Examplify for the first time, there are a couple of set up steps.

First, the license agreement

 Scroll all the way to the bottom, and then click I Agree.
(you have to scroll all the way to the bottom, or it won't let you agree)

Scroll down to bottom of text, and click 'I Agree' to accept the license for the software.


 Next is is the Add New Account Screen.

In this field, you will enter "CWSL" for the Institution ID.
(not your account number, not yet)

Enter 'CWSL' as the Institute I.D.

 Once you enter "CWSL"  the screen should then look like this, with "California Western School of Law" in the field.  Once you see this screen, click "Next"
 The screen should lool like this.  Then click Next


On this next screen you enter your CWSL Student ID number, and your ExamSoft password, and click Sign In

Now your copy of Examplify is registered to you and CWSL.


Now your set up is complete.  It is time to take an exam.

Enter Student ID and ExamSoft Password



Next: Starting An Exam 


If you have any questions, send email to, or call 619-525-1473.