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Step by Step: Starting An Exam With ExamID For The First Time

To set up Examplify with ExamID, we will run a non-secure mock exam. This will give you a chance to get your baseline picture set in ExamID. You can have these instructions open and run the non-secure mock exam at the same. 

When you start Examplify, the first screen will be the "My Exams" Screen, where you can see the exam files that are available.

  1. Select the exam  "Mock_Exam_Summer_2021_Non_Secure"
  2. Enter any four digit number in the Student ID field. (we will use four digit exam numbers, NOT your 7-digit CWSL student ID)
  3. In the Exam Password field, enter "Sum2021".  (password is case sensitive)
  4. Click the "Enter" button.

Click Enter to begin your exam


At this point, the ExamID program will cut in, and take your picture.

Will I be recorded during my exam?

Since this is the first time you are taking an exam with ExamID, it will start with this screen.

Welcome to ExamID

Click the Get Started button.  The next screen is the Consent to Collect screen.  This is where you give the program permission to take your picture.  Once you have clicked "I Consent", click the Next button.

ExamID Consent to Collect. This is where you grant permission for the system to take your picture.

Now that you have given the program permission to take your picture, on the next screen you give the program permission to use your camera.

Click the Next button.

Allow Camera Access

If you have more than one camera or microphone, you will have to tell the program which one to use.  (The microphone would only be used for ExamMonitor, which we aren't using this semester.)

If you get an error message, you may have to tell your computer to allow the program to access the camera.  Follow the instructions at the links below:

Instructions for MAC

Instructions for Windows

Once you have the camera set up, it will automatically take your picture.
You will get a screen that looks like this (except with your face on the screen).
The caption will read, "Center your face in the frame and press the button when ready".
Hold still so it can get a good picture.

Detect and capture


Once the program has successfully taken a picture, you will get this screen.
There will be two buttons, "Retake", and "Save & Continue".

 Save picture or retake

If you don't like the picture, click the Retake button.
If you like the picture, click the Save & Continue button.

If you have technical difficulties getting your camera to work, you can contact ExamSoft Tech Support.

 On to the exam

Now that ExamID has taken your picture and confirmed you are you, Examplify will continue the process of starting the exam.

The next screen says "Do not start until instructed".   If we were in a classroom, you would wait until the proctor says "begin".  Since we are taking these exams off campus, go ahead and click Continue.

  Stop Sign Screen

This will bring you to this next screen. 
Put a check mark where it says, "I am authorized to start my exam."
Then click the "Start Exam" button.  This will start your exam timer and take you into the exam.

Start Exam


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  If you have any questions, send email to, or call 619-525-1473.