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Am I going to be recorded during my exam?   No.  You will not be recorded during your exam.

This semester we are using a new feature in Examplify called ExamID. A number of students have raised some concerns about this feature, so we are posting this to clear up some misconceptions.

Examplify has two features which use the camera, ExamID, and ExamMonitor. ExamID takes your picture when you start the exam, and then it shuts off. ExamMonitor is the feature that watches you and monitors you during the exam. We are NOT using ExamMonitor. We are only using ExamID.

If you go to ExamSoft and read about ExamID, you will also read about ExamMonitor, because the two are often used together.  But rest assured, we are only using ExamID, we are NOT using ExamMonitor. The camera will take your picture when you start the exam, and then it will shut off.

As part of your exam, Examplify does record everything you type, and everything you delete.  This is part of the normal security built into the exam program.

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