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Step by Step: Starting an Exam

 When you start Examplify, the first screen will be the "My Exams" Screen, where you can see the exam files that are available. You will receive an email message telling you which exam file to use for your exam.  This email will also have the the exam number, and the exam password for this exam.

  1. Select the exam.  Check the email message for the correct file name.
  2. Enter your exam number.  This is the exam number you received in the email, not your 7-digit CWSL ID number.
  3. Enter the exam password. You received this password in the email notice for this exam.  Each exam has a unique password.
  4. Click the "Start Exam" button.

Start exam

If you get this screen:

Close MS Office Programs

This means that you still have some MS Office programs running. You can choose to exit Examplify and close the programs, or allow Examplify to close the programs for you.

If you are taking a secure exam, you will then get this screen:

Secure Exam Starting

 This is the screen that puts your computer in secure exam mode.  It will lock out all other functions except for the Examplify word processor.

This is the point of no return.  Once you go past this screen, you cannot exit Examplify until you have completed your exam.  

Click Continue.


The next screen says "Do not start until instructed".   If we were in a classroom, you would wait until the proctor says "begin".  Since we are taking these exams off campus, go ahead and click Continue.

  Stop Sign Screen

This will bring you to this next screen. 
Put a check mark where it says, "I am authorized to start my exam."
Then click the "Start Exam" button.  This will start your exam timer and take you into the exam.

Start Exam 



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Summer 2020