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The Exam Environment

When you start the exam, you will have a window that looks like this:

The exam environment


If the exam instructions or question is long enough, there will be a scroll bar at the right side.
Use this scroll bar to scroll through the instructions or exam question.

Scroll bar in exam question 

 You may find that the space where you type your answer is pretty small. 

 Just to the right of the question number is a small arrow.  Collapse or expand the exam question

Clicking this arrow will collapse the question area and give you more word processing space to type your answer.

Collapse or expand the exam question



The Tool Kit button in the upper left is of special interest because it shows how much time you have left in your exam.


The Tool Kit shows the time remaining in the exam, and allows you add an alarm timer. 

There is already one alarm set for you to give you a five minute warning before the end of the exam.  You can set your own alarms to help you track your time as you go through the exam.

 When the alarm goes off, you will see an icon like this at the top of the window: 

Dismiss Alarm


The "Adjust Text Size" at the bottom lets you adjust the size of the text in the question.

   Tool Kit shows time remaining



You may have an exam question that has a text or picture file attached.  Click Exam Controls, then click Exam Attachments to open the attachment.  If you have a printer attached to your computer, you can print the attachment.

   Click Exam Controls to access attached files



Essay Questions

Multiple Choice Questions


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