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In Office 365, you can attach files to email, just like any other email system.  However, there are a couple of extra features that you need to know about.

To attach a file, start an email as normal.  Click on the "Attach" button at the top of the message window.   This will open another window where you can select the file you want to share.  Select the file, or multiple files, and then click Next.

When you click next, you will get this window.  Here is where things get interesting.

Choose: Attach as shared file, or attach as individual copy.

If you click "Attach as a OneDrive file", then you will share the file with the other person, and the other person will be able to edit the file.  It will work just as if you had shared the file in OneDrive and given the other person permission to edit the file.

If you click "Attach as a copy", then the other person will get his or her own individual copy of the file.  This is the way most email programs work, and this is probably what you are expecting to happen when you attach a file in email.  If you choose "Attach as a copy", then you will be able to choose a file from OneDrive, or from your own computer.

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