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Set Up A Meeting In Microsoft Teams

If you don't have access to Teams in Microsoft 365, click here and complete the form to request access.

 To set up a meeting in the Microsoft Teams app, you are going to create a meeting appointment on your calendar, set it as a Teams meeting, and invite classmates to the meeting.

You must first be logged in to your account in Microsoft 365.  Select calendar from the app list, or select calendar from the email app.

Click the New Event button in the upper left corner to start a new event on your calendar.

 Click the New Event button

 Click the "Teams meeting" switch to change from a regular meeting to a Teams meeting.

Fill out the rest of the details as you normally would for an appointment or meeting.  In the "Invite Attendees" section, fill in the email addresses of the classmates you want to meet with.

Click the Send button to put this appointment on your calendar and send a meeting invitation to the classmates you have listed.

 The appointment on your calendar will have a button that looks like this:

Click the button to join the Teams meeting

Each person who accepted the invitation will have the same button.  Each person clicks the button to join the meeting.

 If you have any questions, or have trouble getting this to work for you, send email to, or call 619-525-1473 during normal work hours.