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Getting Your Email On Smartphone Or Tablet

Use these instructions to connect to your student email account using your smartphone, or tablet, or email program on your computer.

For these instructions we will use an iPad as an example.  The screens may be different on your device.

First, go to the screen where you set up email accounts. On the iPad, this is the "Settings" screen.

Click on "Add Account"

Select 'Add Account'

On the next screen, you should bet a list of different types of accounts you can add.

You need to select "Exchange".  Do not select "".

Select 'Exchange' as the email type

 On the next screen, you will enter your account information:


For Email, enter your full CWSL email address

For Password, enter your CWSL password

For Description, put something that describes the account.  This is how this account will appear on the list of accounts.  This is only a label, and does not affect the operation of the account.

Once you are done, click Next. 

Enter your account information 


Click Save to finish

Your email program will download the rest of the account information from our Office 365 system.  It will then give you a screen that looks like this, or tells you it is finished, etc.  In our case, this screen is asking what applications or programs should have access to data from your email account in Office 365.  Click Save, and you are done.

Occasionally we have case where it doesn't find the information automatically as it is supposed to, and you get a screen like this:

 Manually enter server information

If you get this, enter the following:


Username: Your complete email address

Password: Your CWSL password

Once you have entered this information, the connection should complete normally.

As always, if you have any problems or questions, contact your computer tech at 619-525-1473 or

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