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There are some cases where a student has paid for Examplify for the year, but the exams for this year aren't showing up.  What has happened is that you are registered for your exams, but your copy of Examplify doesn't know it yet.  In this case we simply clear the registration in Examplify, then re-register it.

Follow these instructions to clear the registration in Examplify, and then re-register the software on your computer.



First, click the Home Menu, then click Settings.

Click the Home Menu, then click Settings 


 On the next screen, click the "Clear Registration" button

 Click the Clear Registration button


The next screen asks if you are sure you want to do this.
You do want to do this, so click "Clear Registration".

 Click the Clear Registration button


This screen confirms that the registration has been cleared.
Click OK.

Examplify will close.

 Registration has been cleared.  Click OK


Open Examplify again.  You will be prompted to re-register.
You may or may not get the end-user license screen.

You will get this screen that says, "Add New Account".
You need to enter the Institution ID, which is "CWSL".

 Enter CWSL and click Next


Once you have entered the Institute ID,
it should look like this.

Click Next.

 Once CWSL is selected, click Next


 Here is where you get to sign in. 
Enter your Student ID number and ExamSoft password
and then click the Sign In button.

If you are successful, it will take you back to your exam list
where you should see all your exams listed.

If you have forgotten your password, then you will need
to reset it. 

 Enter Student ID number and ExamSoft password


If you have any questions, send email to or call 619-525-1473.