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Summary of Exam Process

Prior to exam day

  1. Register and pay for Examplify
  2. Download and install Examplify. Click here for complete installation instructions.
  3. Download exam file prior to exam time.

On Exam Day

  1. At exam time, run Examplify.
  2. Download or select exam file.
  3. Proctor supplies password to exam file.
  4. Begin Exam
  5. Computer switches into secure exam mode.
  6. Student takes exam.
  7. When finished, student exits exam.
  8. Computer switches back to normal mode.
  9. Examplify looks for network connection.
  10. Examplify uploads answer file.

We recommend that you restart your computer and make sure all other programs are closed before you start Examplify.
Having other programs open can slow the exam process.  Examplify will require that you close all MS Office programs before you proceed.

Step by Step: Starting an Exam

 Run Examplify by double-clicking the Examplify icon:  Examplify Program Icon: click this icon to start Examplify


If you have an icon that looks like this: Examplify Install Icon:  Click this icon to install Examplify    This is the install icon.  Once you have installed Examplify, you should delete this one.


 When you start Examplify, the first screen will be the "My Exams" Screen, where you can see the exam files that are available.  If you have not already, select the exam you will be taking, and click the "Download Exam" button.  If you have multiple exam files ready for download, you can go ahead and download all of them if you wish.

To start an exam
  1. Select the exam
  2. Enter the exam number (this will be on your exam cover page)
  3. Enter the password (this will be provided by the exam proctor)
  4. Click the "Start Exam" button.

If you get this screen:

Close MS Office Programs

This means that you still have some MS Office programs running. You can choose to exit Examplify and close the programs, or allow Examplify to close the programs for you.

You will then get this screen:

Secure Exam Starting

 This is the screen that puts your computer in secure exam mode.  It will lock out all other functions except for the Examplify word processor.

This is the point of no return.  Once you go past this screen, you cannot exit Examplify until you are have completed your exam.  

Click Continue.


The next screen is an Exam Notice screen. This is where we can post instructions for the exam if we need.  We don't normally use this screen, so just click "Next".

The next screen says "Do not start until instructed".  You wait at this screen until the exam proctor tells you to begin.  If you used SofTest in previous years, this is the equivalent of the "Stop Sign" screen you used to see.   Do not click "Start Exam" until the proctor tells you to begin!

  Stop here.  Do not proceed until instructed by the proctor.

 When the exam proctor signals the start of the exam, click the check box, and click the Start Exam button.  This will put you into the word processor screen, and begins the exam.


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 If you have any questions, send email to, or call 619-525-1473.