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Essay Questions

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 Here we have the Examplify word processor screen.  This is a standard word processor. 

You will receive the questions and any instructions in the exam packet. 
In some cases, the question and any instructions may be at the top of the screen. If so, use the scroll bar and scroll down so you can see and read all the text.

1. Scroll bar.
2. Resizing bar. Drag to change size of typing area.
3. Formatting toolbar.
4. Collapse question*.
5. Character count.

*Just to the right of the question number is a small arrow. 
Clicking this arrow will collapse the question area and give you more word processing space to type your answer. 

The word processor is pretty standard.  The spell check function may or may not be enabled for an exam if approved by the professor for that class.

 The character count will tell you how many characters you have used in this essay.

If you click on the little paper icon, it will give you more details about the number of characters used.

If you have an exam where the professor wants a word limit
or character count without spaces, this is where you get it.

 This will give you a breakdown of the number of characters you have used.


Multiple Choice 

Uploading Your Answers

  If you have any questions, send email to, or call 619-525-1473.