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The Examplify Word Processor

 Here we have the Examplify word processor screen.  This is a standard word processor.  We have marked a few items that you need to know about.

Examplify Word Processor
 1 First, we have the question navigation buttons. When you finish question 1, click the "Next" button to move on to question 2, and so on. You can use the list on the left hand side to move back and forth between questions. If you click the little flag at the top of the list, it will "flag" a question. That is, it will mark the question so you know you want to come back and look at that question again.



 Here we have your character count.  This will tell you how many characters you have used in this essay.

If you click on the little paper icon, it will give you more details about the number of characters used.

 This will give you a breakdown of the number of characters you have used.

 3 This is the formatting toolbar.  This has your standard formatting tools. If you click the Ω button, you get a list of symbols you can insert in the text.


 Click the Tool Kit button. You will see two items: Time Remaining, and an Add Alarm Button.    Click button to add alarm

You can ignore the Time Remaining, we are not using this feature.  It will be set to a really long time, like ten hours.  Just ignore it.

However, ou can use the Add Alarm button to set a timer for yourself.

For instance, if you have an exam that runs for three hours, you could set an alarm for two hours and thirty minutes, and the alarm would go off when you have  thirty minutes left.

Do not select "Before end of time".  We are not using the exam timer feature, and this would not give you a correct alarm.

 Use this window to set a timer alarm during the exam.


Finally, when you are finished with your exam click "Exam Controls" then click "Submit Exam".
This will close out your exam and start the process of uploading your answer file.
Click Submit Exam to close and upload the exam. 



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