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Uploading Your Answer File

When you are finished with your exam, click the Finish button on the last question.

Click Finish button to end exam

This will close out your exam and start the process of uploading your answer file.


  This next screen is the Point Of No Return. Once you exit the exam from this screen, you cannot return.  If you need to return to the exam, click "Return To Exam".

Otherwise, if you are ready to exit and upload your answers, click "I am ready to exit my exam" to put a check mark there.  Then click "Submit Exam".  This will close out the exam.



At this point, Examplify will switch your computer out of secure exam mode and back to normal mode.  Then it will upload the answer file containing your exam answers.

When your answer file has successfully uploaded, you will get this screen:

Upload is complete

Once you get this screen, you are finished.

Do not close your computer until you get this screen!

If you get this screen, it means your exam has not uploaded.

Exam not uploaded. Lost internet connection.

 Don't worry, your exam is not lost.  This happens when Examplify tries to upload your exam before your computer has reconnected to the network.  Check your network connection, and make sure you are connected.  Then click the Retry Upload button, and your exam will upload.

 If you have any problems or questions, call for assistance.


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