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Printing From Your Laptop

Students are able to print from their laptop computers while on campus. This system is only available while on campus and connected to the CWSL wireless network.  You cannot print to the CWSL printers while off campus.

To start, go to this address:

Log in using your CWSL username and password.  Enter your username only, not your email address.  For example, enter "lawstudent" not "".


Once you are logged in, you will see a list of printers, and a description of where the printer is located.  If the printer name has a "290" in it, the printer is in the 290 building, the Library.  If the printer name has a "350" in it, the printer is located in the 350 building.

Click on the name of the printer to select the printer.

Select Document 

In the Document field, click the Browse button, and select the document you want to print.  This must be a Word document or PDF file.  If you need to print a different type of file, such as a PowerPoint file, you will need to log on to a school computer.

Once you have selected your document, click the Continue button.

 Single or double sided

On this screen you can choose to print double sided or single sided.  Click Continue to submit your document to be printed.

Remember to go to the printer to pick up your printout.  Any print job that is not picked up will be discarded the next morning.

Printer Locations:

Name Location
LIB-1st-FLOOR Library 1st Floor Printer Room
LIB-COLOR Library 1st Floor Printer Room
LIB-3rd-FLOOR Library 3rd Floor Printer Room
LIB-4th-FLOOR Library 4th Floor Printer Room
350- North
350 Student Lounge
350 Student Lounge


If you have any questions, please call 619-525-1473, or send email to