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Student printers are located in the Library and the 350 building.  See the Printer Location chart below for exact locations. You can print from a school computer, or you can print directly from your laptop computer. Click here for information about printing from your laptop.

Please remember to pick up your documents after you have printed them.  Any documents that are not picked up will be discarded the next day.

All printers are loaded with white, letter size paper, (8.5 X 11 inches).  Do not attempt to load the printers with any other type of paper.  If you need to print on any other type of paper, see your technical support staff.

Whenever you print a document, the first page that comes out of the printer is called a separator page. It looks like this:


The purpose of a separator page is to separate your document from the documents that other students are printing. The separator page is how you can identify which print job is yours. There is no charge for the separator page.

All printers can print double-sided, and will print double-sided by default. Click here for instructions on how to print single sided. 

Printer Locations:

Name Location
 Pool-Lib-1st-Floor*  Library 1st Floor by scanner station
 LIB-3rd-FLOOR  Library 3rd Floor South-West Corner
 LIB-4th-FLOOR  Library 4th Floor South-West Corner
 350- North
 350 Student Lounge
 350 Student Lounge

*Pool-Lib-1st-Floor is a pool printer.  Any print job sent to that printer will go to one of the two printers on the first floor.  Check both printers for your print job.

Cost of Printing:

Black and white printers:  Four cents per page. Double sided printing gets a discount, seven cents per sheet of paper.

Cost Comparison:
Black and white
Six pages, single-sided   $0.24
Six pages, double-sided   $0.21 (three sheets of paper at seven cents each)

Students are given a printing allocation of $9.00  per semester.  If you use us the whole nine dollars, you start accruing a negative balance, and you owe the school money. At the beginning of each semester, another nine dollars is added to your balance from the previous semester. At the beginning of the fall semester, any negative balances are added to your other library fines, and sent to the business office for collection. Then, all printing balances for all students are set to $9.00, and it all starts over again.

So, your printing balance works something like this:

  • Fall Semester: All students start with $9.00
  • Spring Semester: $9.00 is added.
  • Summer Semester: $9.00 is added.
  • Fall Semester: All students start over with $9.00

So, if Mr. Law Student printed 365 pages (black and white, no color) during the Fall semester, he would have a balance of negative two dollars. Then at the beginning of the Spring semester, nine dollars is added to his balance of negative two dollars, and he starts the Spring semester with a balance of seven dollars.

How To Check Your Balance:

To check your printing balance, log on to one of the school computers. Down in the lower right hand corner, near the clock, there are several icons.  Click on the arrow to get more icons.  One of the icons will look like a dollar sign:

Put your mouse pointer on this icon, and it will show you your balance. If the amount is in parenthesis, then you have a negative balance.

In this picture, Mr. Law Student has a positive balance of five dollars, and does not owe any money for printing.

In this next picture, Mr. Law Student has a negative balance of five dollars, and owes the school five dollars for printing.

(Note the parenthesis around the $5.00)

See Cost of Printing above for more details about printing costs.

When and Where to Pay Printing Bills:

Students may leave charges on their account until the next trimester they are enrolled, when another $9.00 will be credited to their account.  However, once a year in August, all accounts must be settled and reset for the fall term.  Students will be notified by email of the amounts that are due.  Any items not paid by the due date will be sent to the Business Office.  Once sent to the Business Office, the bill will not be reduced or renegotiated by staff.  Notification of grades will be withheld until the bill is settled.  Graduating students must settle their printing account before graduation, regardless of the semester.

Choosing Single Or Double Sided Printing:

All printers will print double-sided by default. This saves paper, and saves you money.

To choose single-sided printing on the laptop printing system, do the following:

  1. Upload your document as normal
  2. Click Continue
  3. In the Duplex field, click the down arrow and select "Single Sided".

Use the drop down list and select 'Single Sided'


Getting Reimbursed For Printing

There are certain situations when a student can be reimbursed for printing charges.

Click here for the printing reimbursement form

Reasons for getting reimbursed are as follows:

  • Printer Error, or Computer Error: For example, despite all our best efforts to keep the printers filled, the printer runs out of toner on your print job, and you get a bunch of blank or badly smudged pages.

    This does not include, "I accidentally printed 50 pages I didn't mean to print." or "I printed single sided when I meant to print double-sided.". This category is for when something goes wrong with the printer, and you get charged for something that is unusable, through no fault of your own. The printed sheets must be turned in with the reimbursement form.

  • Resume: If you are printing your resume, and you are supplying your own paper, you can get reimbursed for this. The printed resumes must be presented with the reimbursement form (we'll give them right back, we just want to see them).

  • Working for Faculty: If you are working for Faculty, and you print a bunch of documents in the course of your work, you can get reimbursed. The faculty member must sign off on this.

If you need a list of what you have printed, see the computer tech in the Library.

Any approved reimbursements will be credited to the student's printing balance. Any reimbursements for printing in a particular semester must take place prior to the start of the next semester.

Extended privileges:

Faculty research assistants printing for faculty projects, law review members working on law review projects, and students working on the Moot Court competition have extended privileges.  Students who pay a lab fee for a class are also granted extended privileges.  It is a violation of the Honor Code to use these privileges for other academic or personal projects.  See a lab staff member for instructions on extended privileges.


If you have any questions, please call 619-525-1473, or send email to