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Student Computer Resources at CWSL

      This is a quick introduction to the computer and network resources available to new students at CWSL.

Where to get support
Wireless Network
Word Processor

Tech Support

      For technical support, you have Daniel Starnes, your Student Network Systems Manager.  Daniel manages the student portion of our network, and provides technical support to our students.  Daniel’s office is in the Library, on the first floor.  On the first floor of the Library, we have a Student Collaboration Area, which is sort of a high tech study and collaboration space.  Daniel’s office is in this space.  If you have any questions about any technical resources, or if you have trouble with email, or printing, etc, Daniel is the person to see.

If you have any questions about anything in this documents, please contact Daniel Starnes.



      We have a wireless network that covers the entire campus.  When on campus, find a wireless network named “CWSL Students”.  Connect to this network and log in using your CWSL username and password.  If you set your computer to connect automatically, then it will automatically connect you whenever you are on campus.  If you have any problems getting connected, please see your computer tech, Daniel Starnes.


      Printing is going to be extremely important to you as a student. Printers are being relocated to comply with Covid restrictions. 
Check back late for the new printer locations.

      You can print to all printers directly from your laptop computer.  Go to  This will take you to the login page of our laptop printing system.  You will want to bookmark this page. 

NOTE:  This is not available off campus.  You must be on campus and connected to our network to access this system.

      Once you log in, you will see a list of the student printers that are available.  Select the printer you want, then upload the document you need to print.  The document must be a MS Word document or a PDF file.  Once you upload the file, the system will process the file and send it to the printer.

Printer Locations:

Printer Locations:

Name Location
 Pool-Lib-1st-Floor*  Library 1st Floor by scanner station
 LIB-3rd-FLOOR  Library 3rd Floor South-West Corner
 LIB-4th-FLOOR  Library 4th Floor South-West Corner
 350- North
 350 Student Lounge
 350 Student Lounge

*Pool-Lib-1st-Floor is a pool printer.  Any print job sent to that printer will go to one of the two printers on the first floor.  Check both printers for your print job.

      If you need to print anything other than a Word document or PDF file, you will need to use a school computer.  We have computer workstations in the 350 Student Lounge, and we have a number of computers in the Library Collaboration Area that can be used for printing.

Cost of Printing:

Four cents per page. Double sided printing gets a discount, seven cents per sheet of paper.

Cost Comparison:

Black and white

Six pages, single-sided


Six pages, double-sided

$0.21 (three sheets of paper at seven cents each)

      Students are given a printing allocation of $9.00  per semester.  If you use us the whole nine dollars, you start accruing a negative balance, and you owe the school money. At the beginning of each semester, another nine dollars is added to your balance from the previous semester. At the beginning of the fall semester, any negative balances are added to your other library fines, and sent to the business office for collection. Then, all printing balances for all students are set to $9.00, and it all starts over again.

So, your printing balance works something like this:

  • Fall Semester: All students start with $9.00
  • Spring Semester: $9.00 is added.
  • Summer Semester: $9.00 is added.
  • Fall Semester: All students start over with $9.00

      So, if Mr. Law Student printed 365 pages (black and white, no color) during the Fall semester, he would have a balance of negative two dollars. Then at the beginning of the Spring semester, nine dollars is added to his balance of negative two dollars, and he starts the Spring semester with a balance of seven dollars.

Whenever you print a document, the first page that comes out is a separator page.  The separator page is there to separate your print job from the print jobs of other students.  The separator page has your network ID on it, so you can tell which papers are yours.  The separator page is free.  You are not charged for the separator page.

Student Email

      For student email we use Microsoft Office 365.  If you are reading this, then you have already logged on to Office 365 to get your email.  All official announcements from the school will be sent to your CWSL email account.  It is your responsibility to check your email on a regular basis, at least once a day.  If you have any trouble accessing your email, or questions about the system, you need to see your computer technician right away.

      You can also access your email from your laptop or smartphone or other device.  Instructions are on our Student Computer Services web site. 

      One thing that causes confusion for some students is our email addresses.  A faculty or staff member will have an email address of  A student will have an email address of 

Staff =
Student =

      It is very important to remember this difference and keep the two types of addresses straight.  If you have any problems with email or email addresses, double check the address, and see your computer technician.

New Laptops and Word Processors

      You will do A LOT of typing at law school, and you will need a good word processor program.  We recommend Microsoft Office for school work.  If you purchased a new laptop computer for school, you will need to get a good word processor for it.

      If you purchased a Mac, you will find that it comes with a perfectly good word processor called “Pages”.  However, Pages is not compatible with our systems.  Our laptop printing system only works with MS Word and PDF files.  So we recommend that you get MS Office.

      If you purchased a Windows laptop, you will probably find that it already has MS Office on it.  However, this is only an evaluation copy.  It will run for about a month, and then the evaluation period expires, and it will stop working.  You need to get the full version right away.

      Fortunately for both, there is an easy solution.  As a student of CWSL, you have a subscription to Microsoft 365 for your email.  With this subscription, you also get a free copy of Microsoft Office for your computer.  The license for this copy of MS Office is good for as long as you are a student here at CWSL.  Once your network account expires, your license for this copy of MS Office expires. 

      When you log in to Microsoft 365, there will be a link on the right hand side, near the top, that says, “Install Office”.  If you already have a paid copy of MS Office, go ahead and use it.  But if you don’t already have your own copy, use the one available through Microsoft 365.

Where to get help

If you have any questions about any of these resources, or any other part of our network system, please contact Daniel Starnes.