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CWSL Student Computer Services Overview for New Students



      Name:  “CWSL Students”.  Access requires login with student network credentials. 

      Tip:  set computer to connect automatically, see tech support for assistance.


  • How to print at CWSL.
  • Laptop printing:
    • Available ONLY for MS-Word or PDF formatted documents. (Desktop PC required to print all other documents. See video above or tech support for details.)
    • Login and select printer, then upload document for printing.

Printer Locations:

Name Location
 Pool-Lib-1st-Floor*  Library 1st Floor by scanner station
 LIB-3rd-FLOOR  Library 3rd Floor South-West Corner
 LIB-4th-FLOOR  Library 4th Floor South-West Corner
 350- North
 350 Student Lounge
 350 Student Lounge

*Pool-Lib-1st-Floor is a pool printer.  Any print job sent to that printer will go to one of the two printers on the first floor.  Check both printers for your print job.


  • Cost:
    • Black and white printers:  $.04 per page.  Discount for double sided printing, $.07 per sheet of paper.

Black and White

Six pages, single-sided


Six pages, double-sided

$0.21 (three sheets of paper at $.07/ea.)


  • Students are given a printing allocation of $9.00 per trimester enrolled
    • Any pages printed are deducted from allocation per the above pricing.
    • At the beginning of each trimester within an academic year, $9.00 will be added to an enrolled student’s balance from the previous term.
    • Balances roll over between trimesters of an academic year.At the end of the year (between summer and fall) all negative balances are sent to the business office for collection.
    • Printing fees and library fines are payable at the CWSL Business Office or online.
  • Separator Pages
    • Pages separating print jobs are on colored paper and include a student’s network ID.There is no charge for these pages.

Student Email

  • All official announcements from the school will be sent to your CWSL email account.Students are responsible for checking email on a regular basis.
  • CWSL provides email via Microsoft Office 365.Email is accessible from web or device.Instructions on access are here.
  • Email format – NOTE difference between faculty/staff and student emails @ CWSL:
    • Student=

Software Discounts

  • Office 365 accounts provide students a free copy of the current version of MS-Office.
  • Use of MS-Word recommended as our laptop printing system only works with MS Word and PDF files.
  • Note that MS-Office software included with new PCs will expire within a few months of purchase.Download the free copy at the beginning of school year to avoid loss of access.


Data Backup

  • To avoid loss of course related data - backup course related materials from your laptop hard drive to the ‘cloud’ regularly.
  • OneDrive space is available for this purpose via your CWSL network account.


Exam Software

  • Many CWSL faculty allow students to use Examplify software to write exam answers on a laptop. Note: Use of the software is NOT mandatory, but most students choose to use Examplify rather than handwrite their exams. Click here for more information about Examplify.

Tech Support:

Daniel Starnes - Student Network Systems Manager

Contact:  619-525-1473,
Office:  290 Library Building, 1st Floor CoLAB
 M-F: 7:30-4:30


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