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One of the problems we often run into is email messages getting marked as Spam or Junk Email, when it is something we really need to see.

If someone has sent you a message, and you don't see it in your Inbox, check your Junk Email folder.  In many cases people don't even know they have a Junk Email folder, because Office 365 just shows you a short folder list, and doesn't bother you will all the other stuff it thinks you don't want to see.




If all you see is this list,
then click on the word "More"

 Short Email Folder List


And you will get the full folder list.

Long Email Folder List 

Check your Junk Email folder for items that may have been marked as junk.  This sometimes happens with announcements, or items sent by professors.  Just right-click on the message, and select "Mark as not junk".  This will move the message back to your Inbox, and report to Microsoft that you want to see these types of messages.

 If you have questions, or you are having problems with too many messages being marked as Junk when they are not, please send email to

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