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I Forgot My Password

Use these directions to reset your password if you can't sign in to your CWSL account.

If you have any questions, or problems with any part of these instructions, please call us at 619-525-1473, or send email to

1. Go to

2. Click the link "Can't access your account?"



3. The next screen asks “What kind of account do you need help with?”

Click  "Work or school account"





4. On the next screen, in the User ID field, enter your CWSL email address.

Below that, there are several weird looking letters. This is one of those screens where you have to enter the weird letters to prove that you are a real person and not a computer. Enter those letters in the next field, and then click Next.
   Captcha Text Screen
5. On the next screen, click the Email button.  The system will send a code to your alternate email address.  This is the email address the CWSL Admissions Department used to communicate with you before enrollment.  




6. The email to your alternate address will look something like the graphic to the right.

Note the code.





7. Enter the code from the email in the verification window.  Then click Next.  



 Once you enter the secret code, you will be prompted to enter a new password.

Passwords for our network require a minimum of eight characters.  There are four types of text characters:

  • lowercase letters
  • Numbers:  12345
  • Special characters:  *&^%)

Three of these four types of characters must be included in the password.  Student names or usernames may not be part of your password.


 Good Passwords
Bad Passwords
JaneSmith45 (Jane Smith can't use "janesmith" as her password.)
 Examples of good and bad passwords: (Don't use any of these, since everyone knows them)

8. Enter a password in accordance with the parameters listed above. 

9. Once you have entered your new password, click Finish.



10. Congratulations! You have completed resetting your CWSL network password.

Select the click here link to go back to the login screen.




11. Sign in with your CWSL email address, and the password you just set.




If you have any questions, or problems with any part of these instructions, please call use at (619) 525-1473, or send an email to

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