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     Office 365 has a function called "Clutter", which is supposed to help keep your Inbox clean by cleaning up the "clutter".  The idea is that Office 365 will learn what types of email messages you read, and which ones you ignore or delete right away.  Then it will automatically move those emails to the Clutter folder, so they won't be cluttering up your Inbox.

     In practice, many students find that emails they need keep ending up in the Clutter folder, so we have turned this function off for our students.  If you wish, you can use these instructions to turn the Clutter feature on or off.

     Log on to Office 365, and go to your email.  On the left had side, you should see a list of email folders. 

    If the list looks something like this:

Click the More link to get the list of folders

   Then click on the "More" link to see the rest of the folders.  You should then see something like this:

List of email folders

Right-click on the Clutter folder, and then click "Clutter settings"

Right click the clutter folder to go to the clutter settings


Either check or uncheck the box that says "Separate items identified as clutter" to turn the feature on or off.  We recommend leaving it off.  Click the Save link at the top of the dialog box to save your settings.

Clutter Settings

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