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California Western School of Law Honors Students for Excellence in Scholarship and Leadership

Mar 14 2024
President and Dean Sean M. Scott gives opening remarks at CWSL's Student Recognition Celebration.
President and Dean Sean M. Scott gives opening remarks at CWSL's Student Recognition Celebration.

SAN DIEGO (March 14, 2024) -- Wednesday evening California Western School of Law (CWSL) hosted its annual Student Recognition ceremony honoring students for excellence in scholarship and leadership. 

To open the ceremony, CWSL President and Dean Sean Scott congratulated students, saying, “Your contributions, both academically and in service to both our institution and the wider San Diego community, have undoubtedly enriched the fabric of California Western."

Associate Dean Professor William Aceves presented the first set of awards:

The Academic Excellence Award went to Aubrianna Staker, the highest-performing student in the Class of 2023. 

The Gordon & Holmes Oral Advocacy Scholarship, awarded to students who have demonstrated excellence in representing California Western in trial competitions was given to Vanik Aroutunian, Joseph Broughton, Jonathan Feher, Brian Goh, Morgen Johnson, Elizabeth Mars, and Garrett Parsons. 

The Competitive Advocacy Program Scholarship which recognizes students who have shown exemplary skills in interschool competitions was awarded to Sarah Becker, Arianna D’Agostino, Alexander Gutterud, Mariah Mantzke, Andrea Martinez, Brenda Mendes, Michelle Norris. 

The 2024 Faculty Awards, recognizing students who have made significant and positive contributions that enhance the reputation of the law school, were given to Julia Aguilar, Carly Dunn, Jason Gant, Cristina Meisterling, Mona Moazzaz, Aubrianna Staker, and James Thomas.  

The Law School Service Award for Promotion of Academic Achievement in Others was given to James Thomas, for working to promote academic achievement in others.  

The California Western International Law Journal S. Houston Lay Scholarship given for achievement in the preparation of a student article was awarded to Arianna D’Agostino.  

The International Legal Studies Program Award was given to Maliat Chowdhury.  

Associate Dean Professor Daniel Yeager presented the next set of awards: 

The California Western Law Review Scriba Regis Scholarship, a special recognition for achievement in the preparation of a student article for the Law Review, was awarded to Sofia Carrasco.  

The Professor Irwin D. Miller Inspiration and Achievement Award, presented to the student who best demonstrates and inspires courage in others by their actions in the face of extreme difficulty was given to Tate Graham. 

The Diane Ethics Award, presented to a graduating student who has demonstrated the best understanding of the ethics and ideals of the legal profession, was given to Leah Sarah Dunn.  

The Professor Janeen Kerper Memorial Scholarship for Criminal Defense Advocacy recognizing a student who has demonstrated the greatest interest and achievement in the area of criminal defense advocacy was awarded to Marissa Mendoza. 

Vice Dean Hannah Brenner Johnson presented the following awards: 

The Turner J. Hopkinson Memorial Veterans Scholarship, awarded to a graduating student veteran who exhibits excellence, leadership, and service to others, was given to Michelle Norris. 

The Justice Howard B. and Mrs. Joan C. Wiener Scholarship, awarded to a student who, in addition to exhibiting academic excellence and great leadership skill, shows commitment to a democratic society consistent with equal rights under our State and Federal Constitutions, and who shows sensitivity and concern for human rights and the fair administration of justice, was given to Lexi Vander Linden. 

The Harvey R. Levine Scholarship, recognizing a student who exemplifies interest and promise in the area of consumer law, consumer rights, and/or consumer advocacy, was awarded to Carlos Nava. 

The Professor William C. and Sally B. Lynch Scholarship, awarded to a student who has shown the greatest academic improvement in the first trimester after their first-year studies, was given to Gabriella Leroy. 

The James P. O’Neil Scholarship, recognizing students who intend to go into solo practice upon graduation, was awarded to Sarah Becker. 

Dean Scott presented the last set of awards: 

The Duane W. Layton International Law Scholarship, which recognizes the student who has evidenced excellence in and commitment to the study of international or comparative law, was awarded to Summer Wright. 

The Dean Castetter Memorial Scholarship, awarded to a second-year student who exhibits great leadership qualities, similar to those demonstrated by former Dean Robert Castetter, was given to LeBrian Mays. 

The Justice Judith L. Haller Scholarship, awarded to the student who displays sterling character and unquestioned integrity coupled with ongoing dedication to the highest standards of the legal profession and the rule of law; has demonstrated a history of commitment to issues of equity, equality, and inclusion; and has served communities in the Southern California region, was given to Brian Goh. 

The Barbara J. Cox and Steven K. Russell Endowed Scholarship, awarded to students who demonstrate an intent to protect and advance the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer (LGBTQ) individuals, was given to Alfredo Jimenez. 

Finally, the CWSL Trustees’ Award, presented to the student who has accomplished laudable achievements of scholarship, service, and more while in law school, was awarded to Sofia Carrasco.  

Congratulations to all of our award and scholarship recipients for representing the best of what California Western School of Law can be.