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Part-Time Evening Program

Beginning Fall 2024, we will offer a part-time evening program which is designed for working professionals interested in legal education. We understand that family priorities or professional commitments might prevent you from enrolling in a full-time J.D. program.  Our Evening Part-Time Program gives you the opportunity to earn a J.D. without having to sacrifice your other responsibilities.

Program Highlights

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  • Part-time enrollment (6-11 units) per term.
  • Classes scheduled between 6 – 9:30 PM.
  • Students take their first-year classes with full-time students and other part-time classmates who are experienced working professionals.
  • Students have the ability to petition to switch to the full-time day program after the first-year curriculum is completed.
  • While evening courses will always be available, students may also enroll in daytime courses after they complete the first year.
  • Residential program provides students access to our beautiful downtown San Diego campus.


Part-time students will take the same required first-year courses and are subject to the same curricular requirements as full-time students. It takes 90 units to earn a Juris Doctor whether enrolled in the part-time or full-time program.  Here is a sample of what the 4-year sequence could resemble: (Please note the specific course rotation is subject to change). Some courses may be offered online.

First Year

Fall (8 units) Spring (10 units)
Torts (4 units) Property (4 units)
Legal Skills I (3 units) Legal Skills II (3 units)
Foundations of Law (1 unit) Elective/Foundations of Law II (3 units)

Second Year

Fall (10 units) Spring (9 units)
Contracts (4 units) Evidence (4 units)
Civil Procedure I (3 units) Civil Procedure II (2 units)
Criminal Law (3 units) Professional Responsibility (3 units)

Third Year

Fall (up to 11 units) Spring (up to 11 units)
Constitutional Law I (3 units) Criminal Procedure (3 units)
Elective Courses Elective Courses

Fourth Year

Elective courses in both fall and spring.


Class schedules vary depending on the specific section a student is placed in. Students should expect to attend class four nights per week.

Sample Course Schedule


Students will take final exams with their full-time classmates during the day. Therefore, students will need to be available during the last week of the term during daytime hours for final exams. The exam dates will be available at the beginning of each term so students can plan accordingly.

Schedule Flexibility

Students in the Evening Part-Time Program will generally complete their Juris Doctor in four years, although students have considerable flexibility to tailor their law school journey.  Students may accelerate their progress toward graduation by:

  • Attending summer school (day and evening courses available).
  • Transitioning to the Full-Time Day Program (only after completion of the first year with permission of the Vice Dean), first year courses for the Evening Part-Time Program generally take3 terms).
  • Beginning with the 5th term of the program, students may take courses offered during the day.

All students are expected to complete their degree within five years.

Applying to the Program

How to Apply

Admissions requirements are no different than those who are applying for the full-time program.  Additional information on how to apply for admissions may be found in our How to Apply information page.

Scholarship opportunities are available for those who qualify. Click below for additional information on scholarship opportunities.

Scholarship Opportunities