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California Western offers a number of ways to make meaningful impact. Your donations further our mission in key areas ranging from student scholarships to faculty research.

Giving Opportunities

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See below for ways to maximize your donation based on your interests.

Triple the impact of your gift while supporting equitable legal communities and diversifying legal education. Be a part of a transformative gift supporting a variety of diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives at California Western.

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Annual Fund

Donations to the Annual Fund support a range of areas including teaching and research, career opportunities, and public-interest programs. These gifts are crucial for funding many of California Western’s ongoing operations, and establishing the culture of philanthropy vital to our ongoing success.

Student scholarships range in size and intent, providing up to 100% of tuition costs on the basis of academic merit, commitment to service, diversity, and more. These scholarships are vital to attracting and retaining high-caliber students, which in turn helps create a dynamic learning environment and engaged alumni community. California Western offers more than a dozen institutional scholarships for first-year and upper-division students.

Planned gifts take a number of different forms. You can add California Western to your will or living trust, make a gift of real estate, designate California Western as a beneficiary on a new or existing insurance policy, or make a gift from your pension or another tax-deferred plan.

California Western's clinics are a vital part of our legal education. These experiential learning opportunities set our students apart by uniquing blending legal theory and practice, allowing them to make an impact from day 1 in their careers.  

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Our team would be delighted to talk to you in more depth about aligning your philanthropic goals with California Western’s opportunities.   

Please contact Erin Scharnweber, Senior Director of Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement at 619-515-1544 JavaScript Required.

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